Booking Consultations

Helen sees clients at her private practice in her home in Forest Row, East Sussex, UK. She also provides Skype, Zoom and phone consultations and offers concessions for those on low incomes.

Private Horoscope Readings

For a 90-minute in-person reading – £90

For a 90-minute online reading – £90

For a 1-hour online reading – £75 

[This includes an audio recording of the session and a folder with printouts of the charts and transits for the coming year, or sent via email for online consultations]

For a 1-hour in-person or online follow-up transits reading – £60

Please enquire if low income concessions are necessary.

Ideally, knowing your birth time, even approximately, will help Helen give a more accurate reading, so clients are usually asked to inform her of this in advance if possible. However, if this is not known, good readings can still be given with just the birth date.

Couple Sessions

For a two-hour joint reading in-person or online – £100

This involves looking at both your charts and the ‘synastry’ between them, thus gaining valuable insights into your relationship and why you are attracted to each other, and examines the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. We also explore the transits for the coming year.

[This includes an audio recording of the session and a folder with printouts of the charts and transits for the coming year, or sent via email for online consultations]


Helen gives fascinating and informative talks introducing people to astrology and looking at the planetary configurations that are affecting us all right now. Contact Helen for more details.

Personal Tuition

Helen is a tutor with MISPA, the internationally-recognised Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology, presenting regular ‘webinars’ on different areas of astrology.  If you would like to take part in the webinars, please go to:

Helen is also available for private tuition at her private practice in East Sussex, for students of astrology who would like to improve their skills, from the complete beginner to the more experienced astrological student.  Rates are £50 for an hour or £60 for 90 minutes.

Clients’ comments

Helen Sewell is one of the top astrologers in the UK who has a great combination of ability to deeply see into a person’s character and to use astrology effectively to unveil lots of interesting things about the past, present and the future aspects deeply impacting one’s life.

I have personally found her to be a very friendly, helpful and spiritual person who goes into a great depth when explaining the chart as well as the meaning of all the planetary aspects, houses and their relationships. I certainly recommend Helen’s readings whether you are hoping to confirm that astrology is a valid science or trying to understand your person into greater depth through astrology.

Martin, Slovakia

Many unfolding life changing events in these extraordinary times has caused me to consult an astrologer for the very first time. In itself, an astonishing act of rebellion for an ex-Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The market is awash with those who claim to be reputable astrological authorities. Many are charlatans so selection can be quite a predicament for the novice wanting a natal chart reading and access to forthcoming transits.

I first heard Helen on Red Ice Creations Radio and later saw her at the “Alternative View” event in London. Both performances gave me confidence that Helen had a professional and scholarly approach in applying this ancient wisdom, so made an appointment for a consultation.

Helen is most helpful and will answer queries. On the day of the reading, Helen welcomes you into her home and embarks on the chart tour. Her style is flexible enough to examine a variety of ascendants and, if an accurate birth time is unavailable, can expertly “home-in” on the most probable rising-sign scenario.

I found Helen’s interpretation of my natal chart to be incredibly accurate to the point of embarrassment; personal traits locked away within the psyche now exposed. By definition, Helen became the only person to know as much about me as I know about myself.

I really enjoyed the experience and took a lot from it. The encounter enabled me to “know thyself” better. Moreover, I recognised that “true” astrology (not the tabloid excuse for it) deserves more attention in our daily lives. Furthermore, one day it will, once more, stand shoulder to shoulder with its acclaimed sister “astronomy”. Thanks Helen.

Mark, Devon

Working with Helen is not just like wild swimming in the ocean of stars, it involves frequent deep sea dives around the coral reefs of one’s life, which would be difficult to explore without the light of acute intuition she shines on the subject. Her stout heart and perseverance have wrought a profound matrix of understanding, experience and compassion. She is able to help us find and own the unique qualities that make us who we are.

Annie, Hastings

In Helen’s readings for me over the years I have found she has the matured art of saying just what needs to be said to help me get what’s going on and move on. Not lots of chat, but real insight and help from years of experience. It’s easy to get astrological “information” these days; astrological wisdom is much rarer.

David, Bristol

I have consulted Helen for many years now, and I can happily say that I have every confidence in her abilities as an astrologer, particularly as she herself is someone who personally lives and breathes this ancient form of wisdom. Not only is she tuned in to the physical planetary constellations but she is also able to use her remarkable intuitive gifts when interpreting the horoscope symbolically. She truly understands the alchemists’ dictum ‘what is above is like what is below’, and hence all dynamic planetary configurations are, for Helen, the outer reflection of inner psychic patterns and vice versa. This non-literal approach has been particularly helpful to me.

Helen also works as a couples’ counsellor and I have always found her to be warm and supportive whenever I have approached her for a chart reading. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wanted to explore the symbolism and meaning of their own birth chart or who was simply looking for a new way of making sense of life’s unresolved difficulties and conflicts.

Kathryn, Ireland

After our consultation with Helen we felt much more positive about our relationship as she explained to us exactly where our strongest compatibilities lie and where we needed to show strength. We found her very insightful as regards past, present and future events. Now we have a clear sense of where we are headed and what we can achieve, as well as how much we can grow together.

Nancy and Andrew, Brighton